When a story insists on being written, and characters demand to have their tale told, the hapless writer must comply. At least, that’s how it often feels. The Muse can be a powerful force of nature. Trouble is, once that first manuscript is complete, the characters whisper, “But wait! There’s more . . .” Details start to ‘niggle’ in the imagination. The sequel gestates. Meanwhile, readers spot me in the grocery store and ask, “When will the next one be out?” No pressure. Yes, it is a lot of work. But do I enjoy all that writing and editing? Heck, yeah! I’m the first person who gets to read the novel (while I’m writing it). It feels like I’m taking dictation, with the characters -- scoundrels and all -- determined to tell their side of the story. But in the end, it is the readers who keep my feet to the fire and my fingers to the keyboard. And for that I thank you, one and all.
When the Need is Great (352 pages) is a mostly lighthearted science fiction yarn. Hell Holes (207 pages) is the nail-biting sequel to When the Need is Great. The final book in this trilogy is in the works. Hour House (133 pages) is a mid-grade adventure novel which seems to equally appeal to adults. The first book of this series sets the stage for rollicking, yet hair-raising forays to come, and the sequel is well under way. The Whimsical Crime of Rhythm and Rhyme (94 pages) is my first book of poetry. Each poem rhymes and tells a story. Most are humorous or thought-provoking. Immortal Wound (366 pages in pocketbook size) is a metaphysical novel which weaves wisdom recorded in parahypnotic Levels into the tale of a 'loose cannon' and the love he can't live without but will not accept. 
Gail P. Robertson
Fiction Writer, Poet and Little Old Lady
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