When a story insists on being written, and characters demand that their tale be told, the writer must comply. The Muse can be a powerful force. Of course, once that book is complete, the characters whisper, “But wait! There’s more . . .”. Details start to ‘niggle’ in the imagination. The sequel gestates. Meanwhile, readers spot me in the grocery store and ask, “When will the next one be out?” No pressure. Yes, it is a lot of work. But do I enjoy all that writing and editing? Heck, yeah! I’m the first person who gets to read the novel (while I’m writing it). It is like taking dictation, with the characters -- even the scoundrels -- determined that I get their side of the story right. But in the end, it is the readers who keep my feet to the fire and my fingers to the keyboard. And for that I thank you, one and all.
Gail P. Robertson
Fiction Writer, Poet and Little Old Lady
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Manuel, Duncan Journal, Duncan, BC, Canada
My mother and I live on a small acreage in rural Glenora, near Duncan, British Columbia with seven cats (five are rescues). We grow vegetables, herbs and fruit to eat, store and share. I am also involved in the Glenora Community Association, the Cowichan Valley Rockhound Club, the Cowichan Valley Arts Council, and am the Block Watch captain for Glenora. In season, we make frequent forays to local beaches to rockhound and supplement slabs I’ve been given or buy. I make select stones into jewelry. Here is the current batch on consignment in the Little Bird gift shop in Duncan:
For all their wealth and power, no ruler of olde had anywhere near the comforts, amenities or entertainments the average middle-class Canadian enjoys. Imagine how rich we would seem to them, with our electricity, Internet, hot water, cellphones, air travel . . . all the trappings of modern-day life we take for granted.